GC Business Growth Hub Edition

Presenting and speaking in public are amongst the biggest fears most of us have and even if – like me – you do it quite regularly, you still might not feel comfortable standing up there in the spotlight with all eyes on you.

That’s why this new book is so important. Ian has written it in a very approachable, very Mancunian way, making for a really practical guide that’s user-friendly, and packed with lots of helpful tips and reassuring stories from his own life and career.

It’s also easy to digest, so you can pick it up and find exactly what you’re looking for in whatever situation you’re facing. Whether you’re just starting out or running a large organisation, you’ll find something in this book that will help you overcome your fears.

As a GC Business Growth Hub client, Ian has taken on a lot of the knowledge he has gained from our teams, along with his own wisdom and experiences, and with this guide he’s able to give back to the business community in Greater Manchester.

Over the last few years, we’ve been able to deliver our presentations over Zoom, meaning we can hide behind our screens, so it’s understandable that even experienced speakers might be feeling wary of venturing back out onto real stages again.

Whatever your own personal fears are about public speaking, you will find the answers here. I hope you gain as much from Ian’s wise words as I have. Let’s get back out there into that spotlight and tell the world who we are.

Janine Smith – Director, GC Business Growth Hub

Everything You Ever Need To Know To Be The Best Presenter & Public Speaker You Can Be

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